Terms and Conditions “Once in a lifetime Experiences”

Once in a Lifetime Experiences sold by Viking are provided either in full or in part by third parties who are independent contractors and not related to Viking in any way. Viking acts as a sales agent for such third party operators and is not responsible for their conduct or any of the services or experiences that they provide.

Viking所销售的“一生一次”专属体验产品的全部或部分由与Viking无任何关联的独立承包商作为第三方提供。 Viking作为该第三方运营商的销售代理,对于他们的任何行为或服务或所提供的体验不承担任何责任。

By purchasing a Once in a Lifetime Experience (an “Experience”) (a) you confirm that you satisfy all of the requirements set out in the booking conditions applicable to that Experience as specified below, and (b) you confirm that you understand that the various third parties providing them may enter into their own separate contractual arrangements with you, and that you assume the risk of utilizing the services and facilities of those independent contractors. Where required to do so by the third party, you must purchase insurance to cover the risk of any injury or damage which you may suffer or incur during the Experience. In the event of cancellation, any cancellation charges or refunds relating to the experience will be dealt with according to the refund policy specified in the third party contract or in the conditions set out below which will be administered by Viking on your behalf.

通过购买“一生一次”专属体验(以下简称"专属体验")(a)您确认满足如下所列的适用于专属体验的所有预订条件,和(b)您确认了解不同的第三方提供的专属体验可能会与您单独签订合同安排,以及您确认能预见那些独立承包商所提供的服务和设施会带来的风险。当该等第三方要求时,您必须购买保险以覆盖您在“专属体验”中可能遭受意外或导致损伤的风险。如需取消订单, 任何由取消所产生的费用或退款将依据与第三方签订合同中所规定的退款政策处理,或在发生以下所列情形时由Viking代表您进行管理。

Booking conditions specific to the Experience are detailed below:
Hot Air Balloon Ride

Special clothing: Sturdy footwear
特殊衣着要求: 结实的运动鞋
Height limits: Min. height 120 cm (edge of basket is 120 cm high)
身高限制: 身高至少120厘米(热气球篮的边缘为120厘米高)
Special health requirements: Must be comfortable with heights
特殊健康要求 Need to be able to stand for 2 appx hrs in the balloon
No pregnant women or children

The activity is weather dependent as a result of which it is possible that it may be cancelled at short notice. In the event of a weather related cancellation, the guest will receive a full refund but will not be entitled to other compensation.
This activity is subject to minimum group sizes and may be cancelled if insufficient guests book. In this case guests will be given a full refund but will not be entitled to other compensation.
Cancellation by guests is allowed up to 7 days prior to sailing with full refund.
取消条件: 由于此活动需要视乎天气状况进行,有可能被临时取消。如由于天气因素而被取消,您将收到全额退款,但不会享有其他的补偿。

Waiver: Passengers may be issued with a flight ticket contract by the third party vendor, and if issued, passengers will be bound by the terms and conditions of that flight ticket, which may include a waiver of liability. A copy of the ticket terms and conditions can be obtained from the Viking call centre in advance if requested.

免责条款 乘客可能收到第三方供应商签发的热气球飞行票合同,一旦签发,则乘客将受该热气球票条款和条件的约束,其中可能含免责条款。如有需要,该热气球票条款和条件的复印件可以从Viking客服中心提前获得。

Other: Places are limited, early booking is recommended
其他 名额有限,建议提前预订。